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Effortless English: Learn To Speak English Like A Native Hindi' or your language Dictionary. language as suggested in Chambers 20th Century. Dictionary dd. PDF | On Dec 31, , Tina Shrestha and others published Learning English, speaking Hindi: The paradox of (language) integration among. Phone: Address: Date of download: ———————————————— - विद्यार्थियों के लिए संदेश विय विद्याथी, हमारे कोसि में ऱर्ि.

To fell the trees Fell, Felled, Felled To fall Fall, Fell, Fallen To dispel the dark.

Spoken English learned Quickly PDF Book Free download

Dispel, Dispelled, Dispelled To point finger at Point, Pointed, Pointed. To go off the track Go, Went, Gone To pack up the luggage Pack, Packed, Packed To decide Decide, Decided, Decided To be afraid of Be, Was, Been To make marry Make, Made, Made To make a scapegoat Make, Made, Made.

To reduce the flames Reduce, Reduced, Reduced. To escape Escape, Escaped, Escaped To slink Slink, Slunk, Slunk To seek loan Seek, Sought, Sought To milk the cow Milk, Milked, Milked To do backbiting Do, Did, Done To talk frankly. To veil Veil, Veiled, Veiled To impound Impound, Impounded, Impounded To weep bitterly Weep, Wept, Wept. To elaborate Elaborate, Elaborated, Elaborated To discourage Discourage, Discouraged, Discouraged To encourage Encouraged, Encouraged, Encouraged To arrange the party Arrange, Arranged, Arranged To light the candle.

To overhear Overhear, Overheard, Overheard To sink the well Sink, Sank, Sunk To reap the crops Reap, Reaped, Reaped To forbid Forbid, Forbade, Forbidden To shout Shout, Shouted, Shouted To betray Betray, Betrayed, Betrayed To deny Deny, Denied, Denied To put up Put, Put, Put To elope For marriage Elope, Eloped, Eloped.

To quarrel Quarrel, Quarreled, Quarreled To miss the bus Miss, Missed, Missed To make breakfast Make, Made, Made To make food Make, Made, Made To admit mistake Admit, Admitted, Admitted.

To relate a story Relate, Related, Related. To gaze at Gaze, Gazed, Gazed To burn mid night oil Burn, Burnt, Burnt To scold Scold, Scolded, Scolded To unfurl the flag Unfurl, Unfurled, Unfurled. To serve the food Serve, Served, Served To mug up Mug, Mugged, Mugged To feel pain Feel, Felt, Felt To labor Labor, Labored, Labored. To bring up Bring, Brought, Brought To threaten Threaten, Threatened, Threatened To ring the bell Ring, Rang, Rung To open Open, Opened, Opened To keep ones word Keep, Kept, Kept.

To dance to ones tune Dance, Danced, Danced To fall into ones trap Fall, Fell, Fallen To drizzle Drizzle, Drizzled, Drizzled. To reduce To skeleton 8. Reduce, Reduced, Reduced 9.

To catch red-handed Catch, Caught, Caught To favor Favor, Favored, Favored To compete with Compete, Competed, Competed. To compare with Compare, Compared, Compared To charge with Charge, Charged, Charged To feed on Feed, Fed, Fed.

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To decrease Decrease, Decreased, Decreased To strengthen Strengthen, Strengthened, Strengthened To enquire Enquire, Enquired, Enquired To stand a side Stand, Stood, Stood To prove Prove, Proved, Proved. To resolve Resolve, Resolved, Resolved To eradicate Eradicate, Eradicated, Eradicated To pounce on Pounce, Pounced, Pounced To strike Strike, Struck, Struck To set out Set, Set, Set To decline Decline, Declined, Declined To endeavor Endeavour, Endeavored, Endeavored.

To engrave Engrave, Engraved, Engraved To engulf Engulf, Engulfed, Engulfed To outshine Outshine, Outshone, Outshone To rule over Rule, Ruled, Rule To intend Intend, Intended, Intended.

To isolate - Isolate, Isolated, Isolated. To intrude into Intrude, Intruded, Intruded To hesitate Hesitate, Hesitated, Hesitated To feel giddy Feel, Felt, Felt To emphasize Emphasize, Emphasized, Emphasized To demolish Demolish, Demolished, Demolished To publicize Publicize, Publicized, Publicized To stuff Stuff, Stuffed, Stuffed To incise Incise, Incised, Incised. To chuckle Chuckle, Chuckled, Chuckled To become sad Become, Became, Become To spread waste Spread, Spread, Spread.

To lisp Lisp, Lisp, Lisp To murmur Murmur, Murmured, Murmured To break Break, Broke, Broken. To groan Groan, Groaned, Groaned To distort the name Distort, Distorted, 2. To lay foundation Lay, Laid, Laid To loot Loot, Looted, Looted To meditate Meditate, Meditated, Meditated To offend Offend, Offended, Offended To preach Preach, Preached, Preached To perspire Perspire, Perspired, Perspired.

To yelp Yelp, Yelped, Yelped To auction Auction, Auctioned, Auctioned To build Build, Built, Built To mislead Mislead, Misled, Misled To lead Lead, Led, Led To gather Gather, Gathered, Gathered. To develop Develop, Developed, Developed To progress by leaps and bounds Progress, Progressed, Progressed.

To sentence to death Sentence, Sentenced, Sentenced To receive Receive, Received, Received.

To invade Invade, Invaded, Invaded To embrace Embrace, Embraced, Embraced To spread Spread, Spread, Spread To spread a bed sheet Spread, Spread, Spread. To feel embarrassed Feel, Felt, Felt. To grumble Grumble, Grumbled, Grumbled. Switch, Switched, Switched To initiate Initiate, Initiated, Initiated To extend Extend, Extended, Extended To roast Roast, Roasted, Roasted To do a favor Do, Did, Done To go cheap Go, Went, Gone To meet with an accident.

Meet, Met, Met To become stone hearted Become, Became, Become. To interrupt Interrupt, Interrupted, Interrupted To take pity Take, Took, Taken To desert Desert, Deserted, Deserted To permit Permit, Permitted, Permitted To be deeply ashamed Be, Was, Been. To introspect Introspect, Introspected, Introspected To assert Assert, Asserted, Asserted To imitate Imitate, Imitated, Imitated To stretch Stretch, Stretched, Stretched To hurt Hurt, Hurt, Hurt.

To cast an evil eye Cast, Cast, Cast. To forfeit Forfeit, Forfeited, Forfeited To consult Consult, Consulted, Consulted To take it for granted Take, Took, Taken. Confess, Confessed, Confessed To go off Go, Went, Gone. To run out of ink Run, Ran, Run To pick a quarrel Pick, Picked, Picked To pick holes in Pick, Picked, Picked. To leave no stone unturned Leave, Left, Left To make bold Make, Made, Made To beg for Beg, Begged, Begged.

Come, Came, Come To creep Creep, Crept, Crept To delude Delude, Deluded, Deluded To compel Compel, Compelled, Compelled To behold Behold, Beheld, Beheld. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles.

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Jump to Page. Search inside document. Lesson 78 Present Indefinite: Eng to Eng Lesson 34 Present Indefinite: Hin to Eng Lesson 35 Whose? Lesson 79 Present Continuous: Eng to Eng Lesson 36 Which? Lesson 80 Lesson 81 Present Continuous: Hin to Eng Lesson 82 Present Perfect: Hindi to Eng!

Eng to Eng Lesson 87 Past Continuous: To disturb Disturb, Disturbed, Disturbed 4. To punish Punish, Punished, Punished 5. To forgive Forgive, Forgave, Forgiven 6. To prepare Prepare, Prepared, Prepared 7. To repair Repair, Repaired, Repaired 8.

To clean Clean, Cleaned, Cleaned 4. To reform Reform, Reformed, Reformed 5. To drink tea take tea 6. To fight Fight, Fought, Fought To comb Comb, Combed, Combed To win Win, Won, Won 4. To defeat Defeat, Defeated, Defeated 5. To lose Lose, Lost, Lost 6.


To tear Tear, Tore, Torn 7. To listen Listen, Listened, Listened 8. To hear Hear, Heard, Heard 4. To give Give, Gave, Given 5. To speak Speak, Spoke, Spoken 6. To talk Talk, Talked, Talked 7. To plant a tree Plant, Planted, Planted 8. To meet Meet, met, met 4.

English Speaking and Grammar Through Hindi

To run Run, Ran, Run 5. To catch Catch, Caught, Caught 6.

To obey Obey, Obeyed, Obeyed 7. To worship Worship, Worshipped, Worshipped 8. To fly Fly, Flew, Flown To slap Slap, Slapped, Slapped Rapidex English Speaking Course Content. Read and Download Links. Rapidex Book Front Page Overview. Rapidex Book Content Page.

Rapidex Book Chapter One. Rapidex Book Chapter Two.

Rapidex Book Chapter Three. Rapidex Book Chapter Four. Rapidex Book Chapter Five. Rapidex Book Chapter Six.

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Please send me work book.. Plz sir sond me on - durgadatta94 yahoo. Dear Mr Amerjeet, i am impressed you have create valuable workbook for our readers in Hindi translate but i observed you can share the details with English translate this will be more powerful for our learner English readers.

When we launched our DVD course in April at that time we thought that this DVD course will be enough to educate our students hence we blinked the fact that without any practice material study will be difficult, as expected we started getting request for some written materials like workbook.

Technically, your suggestions and request became food for thought, and then we decided to launch our workbook that should have almost all chapters that we have taught so far in our videos. It was not a very easy decision to take as I had to create almost chapters with 10 sentences in each chapter and trust me, it was really a tough task to do.

Though I was too busy in my job yet I mustered courage to launch the workbook as soon as I could. The time that assigned to complete this workbook was 1 month, this seems to be a easy timeline but trust me that wasn't. I knew that alone I wouldn't be able to launch the workbook in one month hence I thought to take help from the people who were benefited from this course. That was a good decision; the people who have followed this course, know good and bad thing about the course.

I created the design of the template then checked all the lessons. This workbook will help you in many ways. Posted by Anonymous at Must Know Lessons. Amar jeet 31 October at Prakash joshi 30 December at Unknown 28 November at Sandeep Singh 1 March at Pranit Shirke 9 April at Ram Sumiran 30 May at Praveena Chouhan 5 June at To make food Make, Made, Made The Innovators: To refuse Refuse, Refused, Refused 7.

To mistake Mistake, Mistook, Mistaken 7. Will the police continue beating the thief? To phone Phone, Phoned, Phoned 7. To give a call Give, Gave, Given The police knows the culprit behind the plot.

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