Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Mar 6, , Thomas H. Davenport and others published Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning. Competing on. Analytics by Thomas H. Davenport. Included with this full-text Harvard Business Review article: The Idea in . victories by the Boston Red Sox, the New En- 20 years, the corporation has honed to a science its system for. Competing on analytics: The new science of winning, by Thomas H. Davenport and. Jeanne G. Harris, Boston, Harvard Business School Press, , pp.

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Uploaded by: NEVILLE Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning ( ): Thomas H. Davenport, Jeanne G. Harris: Books. a new form of competition based on the extensive use of The idea of competing on analytics is not keting and decision-science-based analyti- cal tools to. This books (Competing on Analytics: Updated, with a New Introduction: The New Science of Winning [PDF]) Made by Thomas H. Davenport.

Competing on Analytics, Updated, with a New Introduction: The New Science of Winning

While such multipronged strategies define analytics competitors, executives we interviewed warned companies against becoming too diffuse in their initiatives or losing clear sight of the business purpose behind each. Another consideration when allocating resources is how amenable certain functions are to deep analysis.

Statistical models and algorithms that dangle the possibility of performance breakthroughs make some prospects especially tempting. Marketing, for example, has always been tough to quantify because it is rooted in psychology.

But now consumer products companies can hone their market research using multiattribute utility theory—a tool for understanding and predicting consumer behaviors and decisions. Similarly, the advertising industry is adopting econometrics—statistical techniques for measuring the lift provided by different ads and promotions over time.

Wal-Mart, for example, insists that suppliers use its Retail Link system to monitor product movement by store, to plan promotions and layouts within stores, and to reduce stock-outs. The distributors, in turn, use that information to help retailers optimize their mixes while persuading them to add shelf space for Gallo products. The right culture. Culture is a soft concept; analytics is a hard discipline. Nonetheless, analytics competitors must instill a companywide respect for measuring, testing, and evaluating quantitative evidence.

Employees are urged to base decisions on hard facts. And they know that their performance is gauged the same way.

Human resource organizations within analytics competitors are rigorous about applying metrics to compensation and rewards. Senior executives also set a consistent example with their own behavior, exhibiting a hunger for and confidence in fact and analysis. At Yahoo, Progressive, and Capital One, process and product changes are tested on a small scale and implemented as they are validated.

That approach, well established within various academic and business disciplines including engineering, quality management, and psychology , can be applied to most corporate processes—even to not-so-obvious candidates, like human resources and customer service. It was also expensive to develop, and that increased the risk.

In this case, Bezos trusted his instincts and took a flier. And the feature did prove popular when introduced. The right people. Analytical firms hire analytical people—and like all companies that compete on talent, they pursue the best.

Since his arrival, Yu and his team have been designing and building sophisticated supply chain systems to optimize those processes. Established analytics competitors such as Capital One employ squadrons of analysts to conduct quantitative experiments and, with the results in hand, design credit card and other financial offers.

Ability to quickly learn how to use software applications. Experience with Excel models. Some graduate work preferred but not required e. Some experience with project management methodology, process improvement tools Lean, Six Sigma , or statistics preferred. Other firms hire similar kinds of people, but analytics competitors have them in much greater numbers. Capital One is currently seeking three times as many analysts as operations people—hardly the common practice for a bank.

When the software company SAS a sponsor of this research, along with Intel knows it will need an expert in state-of-the-art business applications such as predictive modeling or recursive partitioning a form of decision tree analysis applied to very complex data sets , it begins recruiting up to 18 months before it expects to fill the position. In fact, analytical talent may be to the early s what programming talent was to the late s.

Unfortunately, the U. Some organizations cope by contracting work to countries such as India, home to many statistical experts. That strategy may succeed when offshore analysts work on stand-alone problems.

But if an iterative discussion with business decision makers is required, the distance can become a major barrier. The right technology.

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Competing on analytics means competing on technology. And while the most serious competitors investigate the latest statistical algorithms and decision science approaches, they also constantly monitor and push the IT frontier. The analytics group at one consumer products company went so far as to build its own supercomputer because it felt that commercially available models were inadequate for its demands.

Companies have invested many millions of dollars in systems that snatch data from every conceivable source.

Enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, point-of-sale, and other systems ensure that no transaction or other significant exchange occurs without leaving a mark. But to compete on that information, companies must present it in standard formats, integrate it, store it in a data warehouse, and make it easily accessible to anyone and everyone.

And they will need a lot of it. For example, a company may spend several years accumulating data on different marketing approaches before it has gathered enough to reliably analyze the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. That information allows Dell to fine-tune its promotions for every medium in every region.

Introducing a five-stage model of analytical competition, Davenport and Harris describe the typical behaviors, capabilities, and challenges of each stage. They explain how to assess your company's capabilities and guide it toward the highest level of competition.

Competing on Analytics

With equal emphasis on two key resources, human and technological, this book reveals how even the most highly analytical companies can up their game. Additional new topics and research include: Data scientists and what they do; Big data and the changes it has wrought; Hadoop and other open-source software for managing and analyzing data; Data products--new products and services based on data and analytics; Machine learning and other AI technologies; The Internet of Things and its implications; New computing architectures, including cloud computing; Embedding analytics within operational systems; Visual analytics.

The business classic that turned a generation of leaders into analytical competitors, "Competing on Analytics" is the definitive guide for transforming your company's fortunes in the age of analytics and big data.

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Competing on Analytics: The New Science of Winning

Dietrich harvardbusiness. Hastings pondered why would people order movies online, wait for the US Postal Service to deliver them and then go back to the mailbox to return the films.

When the CEOs need help grasping quantitative techniques, they turn to experts who understand the business and how analytics can be applied to it.

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