Thank you for downloading an Olympus digital camera. Before you start to This manual explains advanced techniques such as shooting and playback functions. Advanced Manual. Detailed instructions on all camera features and functions. Software Installation Guide (separate document on OLYMPUS Master CD-. ROM) . Manuals For Download: EVOLT E Advanced Manual (English) ( MB) - EVOLT E Basic Manual (English, Español, Français, Deutsch) ( MB).

Olympus E500 Manual Pdf

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View and Download Olympus E basic manual online. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA E BASIC MANUAL. E Digital Camera pdf manual download. View and Download Olympus EVOLT E advanced manual online. Olympus DIGITAL CAMERA ADVANCE Manual. EVOLT E Digital Camera pdf. Please visit our homepage cotubesina.ml The screen and camera illustrations shown in this manual were produced during the development.

Page 8: If the following cases occur, stop using and contact an Olympus dealer or authorized customer support center. Page 9 Contact your dealer or an authorized Olympus service center. Continued use may result in fire or electric shock.

If the battery leaks fluid onto your clothing or skin, remove the clothing and flush the affected area with clean, running cold water immediately. Page Lcd Monitor Safety precautions Never drop the camera or subject it to severe shocks or vibrations.

E500 manual in PDF format

Do not leave the camera pointed directly at the sun. This may cause lens damage, color failure, ghosting on the CCD, or may possibly start a fire. Condensation may form inside the camera when there is a sudden extreme change in temperature such as when moving from indoors to outdoors. If the strap is attached incorrectly and the camera falls off, Olympus is not responsible for any damage.

Preparing The Battery Preparing the battery This camera uses the following batteries.

Olympus Digital Camera E-500 Advanced Manual

Never use any other type of battery. For details, refer to the advanced manual. Slide the battery compartment lock to and open the battery compartment cover. Load the battery as shown in the illustration.

Lens Basics AF auto focus and light metering will not function correctly. In some cases, other functions may not work either. These all-new interchangeable lenses featuring the Four Thirds mount were developed from the ground up based on optic engineering exclusively for digital cameras.

Remove the rear cap from the lens. Remove the body cap from the camera. Lens basics Power switch Rear cap Body cap Rotate the lens clockwise until you hear it click.

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Remove the lens cap. Removing the lens from the camera Make sure the power switch is set to OFF. CompactFlash A CompactFlash is a large-capacity solid state flash memory card.

You can use commercially available cards. Precautions when using a Microdrive A Microdrive is a medium that uses a compact hard disk drive. CFcard slot Close the card cover. Removing The Card Removing the card Make sure that the card access lamp is not illuminated.

Open the card cover. Remove the card.

The card will be ejected a short way so that you can pull it out. Power On Remaining power level: Under some operating conditions, the camera may turn off without warning when the battery power is low. The file No. Be sure to set the correct date and time before using the camera. Press the MENU button. Holding The Camera Holding the camera Hold the camera's grip with your right hand and keep your elbow at yourside. Rest your elbow gently against your body and hold the lens section firmly from underneath with your left hand.

Take a picture. AF frame While looking though the viewfinder, rotate the diopter adjustment dial little by little. Viewfinder When you can see the AF frame clearly, adjustment is complete. Diopter adjustment dial Place the AF frame on the subject while viewing through the viewfinder. AF frame Viewfinder Adjust the focus. Press the shutter button gently halfway.

The AF confirmation mark and the AF focusing frame light up in the viewfinder. Rec View Rec view This allows you to display the picture you have just taken on the monitor while it is being recorded to the card. Advanced manual, P. Playback Playback Press the q playback button.

Doing so will enable you to receive information on software or firmware upgrades from Olympus. Single-lens reflex digital camera with interchangeable lens system: Four Thirds mount: Power Supply Exposure mode: Full auto 2 P: Program AE Program shift can be performed 3 A: Aperture priority AE 4 S: Shutter priority AE 5 M: Manual ISO sensitivity: Box , Melville, Page 32 Affichage Ne jamais retirer la batterie les mains nues.

Pousser le verrou du compartiment de la batterie vers et ouvrir le couvercle du compartiment de la batterie. Logement carte CF Fermez le couvercle du logement de carte.

Ouvrir le couvercle du logement de carte. Retirer la carte.

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