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Office Politics Ebook

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Office politics: Surviving and thriving in the corporate jungle with no office politics exists it has not been discovered yet, so the only option for those working in. Read "BSS: Surviving Office Politics Coping and succeeding in the workplace jungle" by Patrick Forsyth available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 . Office politics have ruined many formerly-awesome workplaces. The driver for office politics is fear. Win At Work: An eBook From Forbes.

Office Politics

It is wise to understand this powerful force of human behavior and find a way to get in the game, play ethically, and do well. This is far better than the alternative of ignoring the existence of office politics and being harmed by the path it takes in the organization. Office Politics: Good or Bad? The fact is that politics are everywhere. Forget government—we know it exists there! Politics also exist in families, home owner associations, volunteer groups, churches and synagogues, and yes in business.

Where three or four human beings are gathered together there will be politics. Once people with different values, priorities, and interaction styles come together, it makes sense that they will compete for influence and for the control of limited resources. And, just like that, politics begins! In the video below from the Harvard Business Series, authors Dr. Linda Hill and Kent Lineback discuss the best way to play office politics.

This term alone—play office politics—is negative. But, we will not throw out the baby with the bath water.

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We can overlook the video title. It is still a fact that if you put more than a few people together in a group, you will have politics.

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So, maybe we should grit our teeth and accept the title and more importantly the words of wisdom. Office politics is a topic usually covered in an aura of mystery.

I view office politics as the universe around the formal structure and way of working in an organization. Organizations are different. Office politics may mean a totally different thing in a highly political organization, versus one in which political games are discouraged. Politics also plays a different role for you at different points in your life, depending on the stage of your career.

However, make no mistake! This does not mean that you are not a player. It just means that once you start climbing the ladder, you need to become much better at managing workplace politics. Not only if you want to get ahead, but merely to survive.

Advertisement 1. The initiation phase is more about understanding and fitting into the organizational culture.

You need to expect your first 30 days in any organization to be quite challenging in terms of adaptation effort. In order to survive, plan in advance how to cope with stress during this period.

Office Politics for Managers eBook

In the beginning, focus on understanding how things work in your new environment What are the written and most importantly, the unwritten rules? Who are the key formal and informal leaders of the organization? Get The Obvious Info Quickly The good news is that a lot of the elements you need to grasp very quickly are openly shared. You need to pay attention to your surroundings and to what other people do in order to grasp them.

Advertisement Show signs include for example elements such as: Do your colleagues personalize their space with photos, plants, quotes?

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How formal or informal are the peers interactions? How about the boss-subordinate interactions? How many meetings take place? Are people working mostly individually or you see small groups of people working together everywhere? In order to be successful in any organization, you need to deliver massive value-added. Making your projects a success is a must. Whatever it is that you do, strive to reach excellence, no matter how hard you need to work and to push yourself. However, my point is that this is not enough to succeed.

Whether you like it or not, it is a reality that workplace politics play a big role in your success within an organization. This approach is about doing the best work you possibly can and then go even beyond that. Yes, it is a lot of work. But who said success was easy? Some people maybe expected to find out about a magic technique that can ensure promotion within a month. However, you and me are approaching the career long-term, right?

There are no short-cuts to success. You may wonder by now what does over-delivering on your projects have to do with office politics?

Being politically savvy should come in the context of delivering massive value-added to the organization. This is because playing political games per se will not get you very far. Build a solid foundation of results first and then add your political mastery on top of that. The good news is that when you do both, you WILL succeed. Make Your Manager Shine If you want to rise and shine in an organization, you first need to make your manager shine. Your manager has a huge impact on your career development.

Try to really understand all the pressures your boss needs to deal with. Whether expressed or not, try to really grasp all his concerns. Go the extra mile in delivering great work and make your boss look good in the process.

Here are a few more specific points to take into account: Align expectations. It may happen that your manager has unrealistic expectations.

It is crucial to align expectations with your manager. They are the basis against which he will assess how well you do.

Everybody is unique in terms of communication and working style. Use his preferred communication medium. Take responsibility for building a sound relationship. Both parties involved in a relationship bear the responsibility for how well it does.When thinking about office politics, you can easily picture into your head a tough battlefield, with people stabbing each other in the back.

Your display name should be at least 2 characters long. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or site device. With the right mindset, you can distinguish and deal with toxic and overpromoted colleagues, charm your way through interviews and use office politics to your advantage.

Perfect Leader. Working with Difficult People. Page Flip: Like I said before, it's a mental exercise. Antonio is perplexed.

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