This document contains a complete Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air Collector’s Edition game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay! In Casual Mode you can skip a puzzle after the “Skip Puzzle” button appears in the upper left corner. The inventory items. Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air, often shortened to Dream Chronicles 4 or The Book of Air, is a adventure and puzzle casual game developed by. Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air is a hidden object game for the PC by PlayFirst. This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and.

Dream Chronicles Book Of Air

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download Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air [Download]: Read 20 Everything Else Reviews - cotubesina.ml Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air Walkthrough - We've just finished a complete walkthrough (with images) for Dream Chronicles 4: The Book. Dream Chronicles®: The Book of Air™; The epic Dream Chronicles saga continues in this award-winning adventure series in this Dream Chronicles game at.

Now you get a magnifying glass to show where something is. Ending: Abrupt. Somewhat short. Generating fuel before embarking on journeys by picking up colored stones from piles you encounter. Consider picking them up whenever passing a pile and know you are out of fuel.

Using the spell jewels. The Reveal Jewel is used whenever you go to the map to get the coordinates for your next destination. Then you have to set the coordinates after you? There were other jewels, such as one to illuminate and one to make it rain. Great puzzles for a HOG November 30, Great visuals and good sound with subtle background music that doesn't interfere. Most of all, good puzzles for this type of game, which is really a short hidden object find and click.

The problem solving puzzles were interesting and reasonably challenging, and take some logical thinking. But they can be figured out. If you're one who jumps online for the answer on "how", the game would probably be very short indeed.

Think I'll try another Dream Chronicles HappyGramma November 15, Ranks right up there with the "Drawn" series. LOVE it. The Dream Chronicles are all super challenging.

Obviously I like the problem solving games. LOL I was very surprised at how short it was! April 13, I played this game in about 2 hrs! Compared to the first 2 games in the series this was very short. I couldn't believe that it was actually over. I enjoyed the game because I love the series, but I was kind of disappointed in the length of it. Judging by what some people are saying Book of Water is also short. I'm hoping that Chosen Child isn't quite so short, or I will be quite disappointed.

I agree with others, Book of Air and Book of Water should've been combined into a 2 part game, as one download - this one seemed to be not worth the cost of a full price game. Loved it February 23, I really enjoyed this game - while the puzzles weren't that hard dialog does tell you what to do , they were fun and varied - loved the clock gears,and walnuts.

I really liked the graphics and sound and the story. Could have done without picking up all those jewels, but small matter. Can't wait to play the rest in the series.

The attractive graphics always fizzeling out about three quarters of the way through. You have unlimited usage with this power. Reveal Dream Jewel — Use it to find secrets on pages and maps. Transmute Dream Jewel — It can transform gold items into wood. Brilliance Dream Jewel — You can light up any dark room using this power. Thunder Dream Jewel — Use it to make thunder, lightning and rain appear. Chapter 1: Wish Wait for the box to drop from the sky.

The statue has been destroyed; pick up the pieces marked in red. Reassemble the statue by starting from the bottom and working your way up. Please look at the screenshot for the solution B. Enter the classroom C after the puzzle has been completed. Zoom into the chalkboard D in the back of the scene.

Game Info & Requirements

Click on the note E on the left side of the board. Click on the Decipher Dream Jewel G on left to decipher the words on the board, it states: Click on the Decipher Dream Jewel to reveal the symbols or letters on the page. You must click on the symbols or letters in the lower left corner to fill in the spaces on the right side of the page.

In Casual Mode the symbols will remain green when at least one of the symbols has been entered correctly. In Challenge Mode the symbols will remain green after all the symbols have been entered correctly.

After the puzzle has been solved, a symbol will appear on the right page. You must place that symbol on the dials above the locked cabinet according to the directions on the left side of the page.

You can enter the symbols one at a time or wait until you have all of them to place them. The symbols at the end of the puzzle are random; therefore you must look at the symbols in your game to solve the puzzle. The screenshots will show you the solutions for Challenge and Casual Mode.

This Solution is for Book 1 in Casual Mode. This Solution is for Book 2 in Challenge Mode. This Solution is for Book 3 on Challenge Mode.

Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air Collector’s Edition Walkthrough

Zoom into the board on the left. Enter the codes found in the books after each puzzle was solved. A map will appear and disappear right away. Exit the board. Zoom onto the cabinet on left.

Dream Chronicles®: The Book of Air™

The solution for Casual and Challenge Mode will be the same; the only difference is that in Challenge Mode the jigsaw pieces will be smaller. The Map will be added to inventory after the puzzle has been solved. The Chalkboard Zoom into the chalkboard. Click on the Decipher Dream Jewel to decipher the words. Find the words of the symbols on the left in the word search on the right.

Click on each letter to highlight and form the correct words. You can click on the symbols on the left to see what each symbol represents. The correct word will appear at the bottom of the screen. The positions of the words may be different for everyone but the words themselves are always the same. The solution for Casual Mode is as follows: Place the MAP on the right side of the wall J.

Go outside to the Courtyard. Place the items back on the airship to repair it. You should place the Deflated Balloon on the airship last. Go back inside the airship. Zoom into the map on right.

Pass your mouse over the area and the coordinates for the Crater of Time appear in the lower right corner M. The random coordinates for this example are: The coordinates will be different for everyone, check your game for the solution.

Exit the map. Zoom into the Control Wheel N. Read the NOTE in the lower left. Click matching colored stones to eliminate them. You can click on one stone or multiple ones.

The bigger the group you eliminate the faster the fuel will fill up. Once the lever is full of fuel, exit that scene. Chapter 2: There are several numbers written in the snow. The sundial casts a shadow on the number VI. Zoom into the bottom door. Click on the smallest button marked in green to make the hand move and click on it again when the hand reaches 6. Go through the door.

Click on the locked door. Go through left door. All gears must be touching in order for them to turn. There are several ways to solve this puzzle; the screenshots shows you one way. This solution is for Casual Mode. This solution is for Challenge Mode.

To decipher the message, click on the letter you want to use and click on the line in which you want to place it. Letters placed correctly will turn green; incorrect ones will turn red, remove them by clicking on them. As you guess each word, it will fill a blank space on the right side of the page. Instructions will appear on the right after all the words have been deciphered.

The Solution is: Dear guest, If you wish to speak with the Clockmaker, first you must: Synchronize the dimensions for communication by entering the right combination on the wall of this room.

Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air Collector’s Edition Walkthrough

The current page will be your reference for what is needed once you complete all the words. Reconstruct all the broken mechanisms bell, pipes, and speaker. Ring the bell. Exit the puzzle. Zoom into the back wall. Turn the disks to match the position shown in the Guest Book. The gears will turn once the puzzle has been assembled correctly.

Ring the bell D for a speaker and a periscope E to appear; click on them to begin speaking to the Clockmaker. Give the Clockmaker the correct answers to advance the storyline. The correct answers in order of appearance are: Yes, I need to get back to my own dimension. Where are they? That sounds difficult but I will do my best. Very well. I shall return. Exit on left and enter door on right.

Use the Reveal Power to make the pieces appear. Place the pieces on the board; correct pieces will lock in place. The solution for the Casual Mode and the Challenge Mode are shown in the screenshots below. Clock Room The door to the Clock Room will open after the puzzle has been completed; go through it.

You must change the time on all the clocks so they are all synchronized to 6: Use the dials on the left F to turn the clock hands a certain amount of hours. Use the third dial H to switch from clock to clock. Once all the clocks are at 6: Go back to the Airship. Go to the map; use the Reveal Power to find the coordinates to your next destination — Treehouse Village. Zoom into the Control Wheel.

Place the heading and course bars according to the coordinates shown in your game.

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Zoom into the Fuel Generator and fill up the tank. Chapter 3: Click on the Transmute Power to turn the trees from gold to wood. You will have to take a closer look at each of the trees to solve a puzzle. Place the sticks in positions in which they will lead the walnut to fall into the hole. Click on a stick to remove it from the board. Press the small button on the wooden tube in the upper center to drop the walnut onto the board. Please look at the next set of screenshots for the solutions to all 4 puzzles.

Please keep in mind that some of the sticks look very similar in shape and size.

If the solution is not working for you try changing to a different stick with the same slant. Tree Puzzle 1 Zoom into tree 1 on left. Please look at the screenshot for the solution. Tree Puzzle 2 Zoom into tree 2 on left. Tree Puzzle 3 Zoom into tree 3 on left. In this solution the centipede will push the walnut into the hole as it passes through. Tree Puzzle 4 Zoom into tree 4 on left. Go to the Airship. Go to the map; use the Reveal Power to find the coordinates to your next destination — Wind Music Island.

Chapter 4: Zoom into the columns J in the upper right.

Each totem represents a musical note. The symbols on them represent the score for that particular instrument. Turn the stone disks until they show the correct image.

Correct symbols will turn green. To solve the puzzle please rotate the disks in the order shown below until the symbol in that section turns green. The solution for Casual Mode and Challenge Mode will be the same. The only difference is in the order in which you must turn the stones.

Please check out our video solution for Casual Mode: Totem 1: Any Order Please check out our video solution for Challenge Mode:Select the book on the sofa: Examine the book and select the letters to fill in the spaces: Take the vibrating roll and use it on the frame: Take the first intricate key: Examine the map and use the intricate key on the locked chest. Go back to the map and find the coordinates for the Crater of Time. Art director at the developer KatGames, Pablo Vietto, explained the ideas behind "Airship" artwork that KatGames wanted to make a "very rustic and compact interior where they could place everything necessary for the navigation of the airship.

To decipher the message, click on the letter you want to use and click on the line in which you want to place it. Go to the map; use the Reveal Power to find the coordinates to your next destination — Water Collector.

Find the six dream pieces: Aim to click stones when they are within groups of the same color. Airship Find the eight dream pieces, the large key and the colored stones: Use the large key on the closed door at the right side of the airship. Refuel the Ship. Planks will automatically fall into the correct slots.

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