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Professor Malkani, a government school teacher, dared to accommodate Gandhi at his home though it was considered quite unsafe for Indians to help 'advocates of home-rule.

With the spread of the news of Gandhi's arrival, many sharecroppers started to throng in. The lawyers of Muzzafarpur, who often represented these farmers in courts, conveyed to Gandhi the nature of the condition faced by the peasants.

On being told the size of their fee, Gandhi reproached the lawyers. Gandhi concluded that approaching the court was hardly the solution; the real respite would be their freedom from fear The Englishmen owned large estates of arable land in the Champaran while the Indian tenants foiled hard.

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They were obliged by long-term contracts to grow indigo on 15 percent of the holdings and surrender the entire indigo harvest as rent. With the development of synthetic indigo, the landlords exempted the tenants from the 15 percent arrangement but only after they paid compensation.

When they got know the real reason for exemption, many of those who ha sioned Wasked for their money xo nbe ireturned. For rthe ones who tried to resist, the Englishmen hired thugs.

English Class 12th Chapter Summary (NCERT)

After his arrival, in order to get the facts right, Gandhi visited the secretary of the British landlord's association. However, he was denied any information.

Next, he visited the British official commissioner of the Tirhut division. But instead of providing Gandhi with the information, the commissioner bullied him and asked him to leave the place at once.

Gandhiji went to the British Official Commissioner who asked him to leave Trihut, Gandhiji disobeyed, went to Motihari the capital of Champaran where a vast multitude greeted him, continued his investigations.

Indians afraid to show sympathy to the supporters of home rule. Gandhiji chided the Muzzafarpur lawyer for taking high fee.

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Champaran district was divided into estate owned by English people, Indians only tenant farmers. Many signed, some resisted, engaged lawyers, landlords hired thugs. Gandhiji reached Champaran- visited the secretary of the British landlord association to get the facts but denied as he was an outsider.

Visited maltreated villagers, stopped by the police superintendent but disobeyed the order. Gandhiji worked hard towards social economic reforms, elevated their distress aided by his wife, Mahadev Desai, Narhari Parikh. Gandhiji taught a lesson of self-reliance by not seeking help of an English man Mr. The revision notes covers all important formulas and concepts given in the chapter.With the development of synthetic indigo, the landlords exempted the tenants from the 15 percent arrangement but only after they paid compensation.

The Interview - a commonplace of journalism: Since its invention a little over y commonplace of journalism. Anoth pop out from his thin body looking furtive like rats eyes.

For rthe ones who tried to resist, the Englishmen hired thugs. Vyavshayi Adhayan Mayur Hindi solutions are really hard to find.

The teachers at Vedantu are top-notch and have excellent knowledge in English. Very nice site mujhe apni pasand Ki book mil gaya thanks its site.

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